The art of layering

Hi again,

Keeping to my promise of posting more I have written a list of posts to do and days to take the pictures so I stay on track alongside my school work – which is evergrowing.

This post I decided to focus on the art of layering – or in other words how to style your outfits by adding more layers of clothing but still look like you put in endless amounts of effort and look stylish. I speak for all Londoners when I say that when we step out of our door no matter what season it is, the weather is completely unreliable. It could change on you any second and you need to be prepared; the temperature is all over the place not just outside but as soon as you enter the boiling tube you melt from the giant jacket you are wearing over your outfit.

Therefore, apart from when it is snowing or -1 degrees there is at least an hour where us Londoners stare at our closets in complete confusion and we need a solution. I cannot say to have solved the problem for all but have lately decided to start layering my outfits in order to adapt easily and it can be simple if you wish to follow them!

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

step 1: grab a cotton t-shirt – lately vintage tees have been in and everywhere including celebrities such as Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin sporting them. I took an actual vintage Georgetown tee that had been passed down to me from my dad but still in excellent condition.

step 2: I then took a Ralph Lauren oversized shirt and slung it over my arms and tied it in front of my stomach. You can take any large shirt (raid your dad’s closet) and it just makes it seem that you had thought about how your outfit could fit together and also protects you from the cold and you can take it off if it gets too warm.

Step 3: add dark leggings or jeans (black or blue doesn’t make a difference) this gives it a casual chic touch and is perfect for everyday. My leggings I thrifted with boot cuts at the bottom for booted heels.

Step 4: if you are going out shopping or running errands I recommend a white sneaker or black nike air forces but if you want to style it up more like me I added heeled boots from Zara.

Step 5: accessorise, accessorie, accessorise! I cannot stress this enough, adding a cute bag or statement sunglasses can make the whole outfit pop from a simple casual outfit to a ready to enter any occasion with the utmost confidence outfit. I added thick gold earrings from eBay, my Gucci bag and triangle tortoise shell sunglasses. In some outfits I wore black circle sunglasses as I have a mild sunglass obsession I carry at least two pairs with me and change them over here and there!

For winter it is easier to layer with jackets too as I have seen done on various youtubers such as Kelsey Simone:

Hope you enjoyed this video and make sure to like x

Lots of love,


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