december favourites

Hi again! It’s been a while as the Sixth form has been more hectic than I thought. I know the month has just begun but I decided to name my favourites of this current moment. This is the first of my posts like this to see if it works out well with my focus being fashion – enjoy xx


The theme for my post is predominantly a bleak, white theme with some grey and minimalist jewellery to top off the season.






My first pick is the Naked smoky eye palette as it is my go-to for a night out and especially for winter when my wardrobe is focused on greys and blacks. There are many shimmery shades in the palette too which can be a bonus and lighten up your day on a bleak one x



My second pick as much as the world is obsessing over her beauty line it was impossible not to add in a Kylie lip kit in my December favourites! This shade is a thick grey called ‘MINK’ with the lip pencil to match. I would totally recommend this as it not only nourishes dry lips but the colour lasts all through the day when the last thing you want to be worrying about in the cold is your lipstick!



outfits are never complete without the essential correct accessory – below are my December picks.


These earrings I got off ebay as I had seen a woman on the tube rocking them with her outfit and I immediately bought them when I got home! They are super trendy right now and apart from the obvious normal hoop this is up there with my December favourites.



Okay fair to say that in London not a lot of sun is seen in December – yet if anyone is to travel or just wants to look very stylish one day these Kurt Cobain white bubble glasses have been my go-to to complete any outfit and pinpointing that 70s look.





1 – Name me one teenager who is not hooked on the ever-changing plot of Riverdale. It may be only on its 2nd season but the actors have already won the hearts of many teens out there; the plot can also be in some ways relatable for students and fill the gap iconic Pretty Little Liars and Gossip girl left behind.

2. Brand new to Netflix is a show named Dynasty which talks about the scandalous and secret lives of the richest families in America as they feud for business. First few minutes in you’re already hooked and you only have 8 episodes to watch before you’re fully up to date so get on it!

3. Stranger things is a show I will be dedicated to until the very end. It is fiction and explains the story of a group of boys hunting for their lost friend before discovering a whole new world. Of course, this show is Netflix’s no.1 most-watched show and so it is very hard to find someone not hooked on that too.


Hope you enjoyed the post and don’t forget to leave a like! x

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