welcome to New York

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The end of October is approaching and I truly thought the chance of seeing the sun shine and feel heat on my face in the midst of the gloomy London weather was gone. Nevertheless, I was offered to attend an Art and Photography trip with the school to New York city. This is what I saw and experienced in the world-renowned and dazzling city.



First day we landed in JFK we took a car to the city and the sun was just starting to set so I was able to capture the highland with a a range of beautiful morphed oranges in the background.

After driving at the Ameritana hotel on Broadway we went for pizza and an early night as we had hardly slept on the flight.



Had an early start and we were having breakfast at 6:30am. We then walked down bordering Central Park to visit the Dakota building and then crossed to Strawberry Fields


As we were so early fortunately there weren’t many people so we easily took pictures and paid our respects to the iconic band. we then continues through Central Park in the sunlight

The weather blessed us and gave the perfect lighting to take some stunning images. Afterwards we visited a neighbouring school and then headed to the MET museum which was what I believe was the highlight of the trip. It was enormous and overflowing with famous paintings I had been studying for such a long time. Unfortunately we only spent about an hour in there before getting some lunch.


We then boarded a bus for 10 steps and got off to see the MoMA which was currently showcasing the work of Louise Bourgeois who is an iconic french painter and sculptress. My favourite piece was a metal sculpture of a body hanging from the ceiling.


On the 6th floor was a show on modern fashion which explored how certain styles we see nowadays have developed and which designers first introduced them into the world.

The was the best exhibition I saw in New York probably due to the fact that it was dedicated to the subject I’m most interested in – fashion.

We then returned to the hotel and slept a few hours before eating near Times Square with a view of the neon screens against the deep blue night sky.



This day was dedicated to photography and sight seeing. We began by picking up a sandwich for the trip ad heading to soho to visit a photography magazine office. The name was ‘aperture’ and in their gallery they were showcasing the work of a French photographer who had won their award for best photography for his images of North and South Sudan. He wanted to show how different the two parts of the country were so he pictured the north in black and white and the south in colour. Pictured below are my favourite images from the show.


My favourite images were a selection of portraits of sudanese immigrants who were currently living in France. I loved the tonalities and contrast between the faces and the pale and minimalist background. The other one I liked was a close up of a pink shirt which I loved due to its colours and the angle at which it was taken.


Next we walked towards the infamous Hudson River where we took the Circle Line for a 90 minute tour of the New York skyline.



The view was wonderful especially due to the glorious weather.

I had never seen the Statue of Liberty even having been to New York at least 5 times and it lived up to my expectations. We then passed under Brooklyn Bridge and returned to the port.

We got off the circle line and walked down the Highline to the Whitney museum.

Once seeing the Whitney we headed to a diner then to bed after a packed day.



We dedicated this day to explore a very slim part of New York’s history. We took the subway to West Village where we then explored Washington park.


We then walked to Cafe Wha? which is renowned to have started the careers of many names in the music industry such as Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and Velvet Underground to name a few.


A few streets down was Stonewall which began as an ordinary bar and then in the 60s became famous for being the meeting point for the LGBT community and where many rioted for the rights of gay people.


After this we ate at an organic restaurant in the area then continued to the World Trade centre memorial which I had previously visited but still struck me due to its simplistic and cold design showcasing the reality and brutality of the event.

We proceeded to East Village and dinner in the area where I also took a picture of my outfit.



This was our last day and to celebrate we had breakfast at a proper New York diner where I treated myself to fluffy pancakes and bacon. We then got free time to shop around the area of our hotel which was luckily pretty central. After, we re-met in the lobby to depart for home – London.


Hope you enjoyed this post and follow to be up to date with my latest posts xx

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2 thoughts on “welcome to New York

  1. I love New York. Even though I’ve been often (since I used to live in Philadelphia), it’s been a few years. Seeing your pictures reminds me of why it’s such a fantastic city. No matter how often you visit, there’s always something new to see.


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