LFW: Fyodor Golan

Hi again!

This week was London fashion week and to celebrate the event I thought it was just right to go see a runway of a new and upcoming designer. I was able to get silver tickets and sit in the second row to the Fyodor Golan show who is a brand that focuses on eccentric neon coloured designs.


They are a London based label that was started up by two designers that came from Fine art backgrounds which can be seen through their geometric silhouettes and detailed prints. Fyodor studied at Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp and Golan graduated at Instituto Marangoni in London and worked in many high-end industries before starting their avant-garde label.

Below are my favourite pieces I saw on the runway:


I loved the electric blue used in this piece as well as the flowy silhouette.



I found this piece very interesting and something I could visualise on the street as an iconic piece. The puffy bomber jacket sleeves made the outfit stand out on the runway.


This piece definitely showed off the designers artistic talents and fine art background due to the neon and eccentric palette.



This is by far is my favourite piece because it incorporated both the puffy bomber jacket sleeves I adored and the neon palette which made their line so original.


I then had to dress a certain way to attend this certain kind of event in order to compete with all the stylish icons and fit in with the crowd. I decided to fit a specific colour scheme for my whole outfit – that being the colour red:

I’m wearing a chunky knit red jumper from H&M and black high-waist jeans and my knee-high leather boots from Joseph. I then wore my Kurt Cobain white-framed bubble sunglasses which I bought in Bangkok during the summer and to top everything off, I added my signature red lipstick.

Other pictures from the show:


Hope you enjoyed my favourite pieces and feel free to comment below if you agree!


Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 08.29.13


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